Dog Day Care

We centre our day care around creating a safe, fun and positive environment where dogs can be dogs

What makes us special?

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Secure fenced fields and woodland to spend the day exploring

Structured day including games, training and nap time

Supervision from staff trained in dog behaviour

Receive videos and pictures of your dog enjoying themselves throughout the day

Full Day

Pick up 8-9am
Drop off 4-5pm


Half Day

Pick up 8-9am
Drop off 12-1pm



Custom built sturdy cages to keep your dogs safe and comfortable during pick ups and drop offs 


A typical Full Day Schedule

8 am

Your dog is picked up from your house between 8-9am. Dont worry if your not in during this time you can give us a key

9 am

We arrive at day care and your dog gets to explore our 3 outdoor areas with his friends. He can play, sniff, dig etc and get attention from our staff who are constantly supervising them making sure every dog is happy and enjoying themselves.

10 am

If your dog is a young puppy or needs a break from the fun they will go inside for a nap in their own crate. If the weather is bad then the rest of the dogs will also go in to the dog room to dry off and warm up.

10.30 am

We all go back outside for more adventures. When out staff walk around engaging with the dogs which means they get plenty of exercise.

11 am

Its time for everyone to have have a break from each other and rest/ nap in peace in their own crate. We can also give your dog some lunch if you have provided it. We work with puppies and new dogs to help them learn to settle as rest is so important in encouraging good behaviours.

1 pm

The dogs are let outside again and they usually find an exciting enrichment activity has been set up while they slept! This can range from scent work, finding treats, new toys, training, agility etc

2 pm

Time for another break for puppies and those who need it. Also depending on weather we may spend some more time inside

3 pm

Dogs are starting to wind down, its been a long and busy day for them and they usually spend this time getting lots of love and cuddles from staff

3.30 pm

It's time to start getting everyone ready for home. We try our best to clean up the dogs so they are not too dirty.

4 pm

Your dog is dropped off at your house between 4-5pm. Dont worry if your not in during this time you can give us a key.

Warm and cosy indoor dog room